Saturday, August 18, 2007

and i say what about breakfast at annush's?

This week sucked.

Well, actually, it didn't suck per se; however, it wasn't my best. Between a compressor that took 3 days to get fixed and had me sleeping over at the neighbors', people overstepping their boundaries on Facebook, my lack of desire to go buy food, a phone that refuses to quit ringing even at ungodly hours, the houseguest that seems to have turned into a roommate and last but not least the swelling of my breasts which has made it practically impossible for me to fit on most of my work shirts for two days now, I have to say that it's been a rough week.

But it hasn't been all bad. My week started on Sunday with obscene amounts of champagne. Sometimes when there is nothing to celebrate it's good to get all Breakfast at Tiffany's like and celebrate smoked salmon or something-which we did. It set the tone for the new job which I started on Monday and that aside from all the time spent on all kinds of bullshit training has been great...even with all the obscene amounts of time I've spent with MPChick (and you'll have to excuse me for calling her that but I'm convinced that the girl has multiple personalities!)

I've also been introduced to two new characters this week. These are two people I know. Three dimensional cartoon character like versions of real people who only come out at weird times and I never realized they did. But I like them. I am going to write about them one day soon.

Life's been good...but I'm tired, in desperate need of a visit to Publix, maybe a cigarrette and a Midol.

That would be nice.

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