Monday, December 24, 2007

Greetings from NYC!

It's been a long time since I last wrote. On a number of ocassions I've meant to sit down and write something- even if only a note saying that I am still alive- but as it happens, life gets in the way.

Today is Christmas Eve and I am back in NYC to spend the Holiday with my family. It's weird to be back here after what feels like so long. I arrived here this past Saturday and even though some things have remained the same (my doormen are still up for giving me piggy back rides, it's wicked cold, and Dean and DeLuca still makes 3 berry yogurt muffins) some things feel different to the point that I feel like what I thought I knew was never really how I thought it was (if that even makes sense).

But I still think that NY is a great city and I love to go downstairs and see the pretty people walking down the street. Here it's DEFINITELY not like Miami. People here are elegant, poised and fit (which I can't say about Miami). I like what I become when I am here. It's cool to be able to look good and blend in. It's cool to see people wear crisp winter white. It's cool to be part of the black-white-gray mosaic that caracterizes a NYC outfit.

I am staying at my brother's place, which has surprisingly enough taken a fun Holiday feel. Of course, there is no Christmas tree but a tall lamp dressed as a Festivus Pole. It is under that lamp that are all our gifts. I walk past it every hour because I have never lost my childhood enthusiasm for gifts and I want to open them (mine at least) but I feel guilty about such thoughts particularly because it's not like the boxes aren't so obvious that I can't figure out what's in them. And I also feel guilty because I haven't finished my own shopping...

This weekend with my family has been amazing. I've spent time with them and I spent most of the day yesterday in Bloomingdale's with Dan. I have missed Dan.

Anyway, that's it for now. Off to my Christmas shopping I go.

Merry Christmas!



Gabemaster said...

I'm glad your spirits are up and that you got to spend christmas with your loved ones. I wish you all the best.

NYC is glad you are back. :)

In about two weeks I'll be in florida for the first time. It will be my first vacation in ages. Wish me luck. :)

Feliz Navidad

Libélula said...

Dude, I'm leaving for Miami tomorrow. I'll be there til January 12 and I'd love to see you!!! I have your number and I activated that Roaming thingie, so gimme a call and you can go shopping for pregnant clothes with me!!!

Merry X-Mas hunny!