Friday, June 13, 2008

i don't wanna' know.

I don't like getting my important news from Facebook; but lately, it seems like Facebook is the place to go for news. I like Facebook. I really do. I like it so much that I deleted my Hi5, MySpace and Friendster profiles for it. I don't like that everything is so out there for you and the world to see. It's like Facebook knows EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY and is there making sure that your friends know and show excitement so that then EVERYONE knows what you did or what someone did that affects you.

Some months back, I saw the "looking for" field in the profile of the guy I was dating go from "Friendship" to "Dating/ Relationship". A couple of months ago, I was at friend's place and he was logged on to Facebook and that's how I found out that HWMNBN and that girl were in a relationsip. When Cesar and Joy died I found out through Facebook. When Flo was in town but HWMNBN would not let him call me, that's how I found out. Today I found out that my Frenchy's "complication" is now his "relationship".

Some say knowledge is power. I say, ignorance is bliss.


Blenche said...

I know what you mean. I got upset more than once because of my exes on facebook. I think it's actually best to keep people you are dating out of your friends on facebook! that's what I am doing now!
Ignorance IS bliss!

Gabe said...

Although I think I know what your answer will be...I'll need your advice on this. For years I flat out refused to get a hi5, myspace, facebook, profile. Mainly because the emails I would get inviting me to join those services from my so called friends, really annoyed the hell out of me. I felt they were filling my inbox of junk mail and I believe that by them putting my email into those services would generate more junk mail for me. So anyways I had a personal boycott on all of them.

A few months ago a fan of a character I do on Sirius Sat radio insisted on making me a myspace profile and I said what da hell, go for it. After that, I decided to start a very private myspace profile that doesn't even have my picture as the display pic. Only very close friends have access to that profile. Yet most of my close friends have facebook or hi5 and when they have new pictures or new anything they refer me to their hi5 or facebook.

For the past couple of weeks I've been tinkering with the idea of getting a facebook I ask you would that be a good idea? Based on your post, my guess is you will say no but in any case I'm not sure....what do you think?