Monday, June 16, 2008


My ex-roommate stopped by my apartment Saturday afternoon. Without going into very many details, our relationship didn't end amicably.

I'd lived without her for months and there she was again. It was strange to see her again though it was kinda' nice at the same time. Sometimes I really do miss her. When she was about to leave she hugged me and said "te quiero mucho" to me. And I hugged her but I couldn't say it back. Not because I didn't feel it too but because out of principle, there are certain things that you just don't do.

I think it hurt her that I didn't say it back. Now I wish I had.

And that's the end of that story...

I saw a bumper sticker this weekend that said "Shoes can make all the difference. Go ask Cinderella." I loved that and I agreed with it to the point that I just had to buy myself red flats. So today I went to work wearing them with a perfectly put together outfit and as I walked I wondered why I had to go to work. It's summer. I want to go to the park and the beach and dance all night in the moonlight and visit friends. But no. I am a corporate slave. And this will be the first summer of my life when I have a job that doesn't allow me to be outside much. So I'll get to see summer from my window.

They really need to do that 4-day week thing at my company!


Spider63 said...

what principle prohibited you from saying something nice to her? That is a new principle?

annush said...

the same principle that says that we don't have impropper relations with the significant others of people we care about.