Tuesday, June 03, 2008

"We'll always have South Beach!"

I knew it wasn't going to last.
For one, he is 19.
He lives in Montpellier... where he has a "complication" he carries with him as a heart shaped charm on his chain.
He was here for a whole year, and we didn't find each other until almost the very end.

But I loved it. These past weeks we had more fun than I've had with anyone in a long time. We really liked each other. But it had to end. And it ended in the same great way it began (add a few tears here and there).
The past 3 weeks, I spent so much energy experiencing everything, that I documented nothing. I don't have much as far as evidence that the month of May really happened. Except for this picture. Thank God for friends with cameras.

I may never see him again, but still at this very moment I really do miss him.


Blenche said...

This is such a cute story!! A little frenchie from Montpellier! I live nearby in Spain at the moment :-)

annush said...

I love the Frenchies :)

..but this story is so much better than I wrote it! I think about the way it was and our entire "relationship" was a celebration!

To me, he was chocolate flavored happiness with an accent :)

Gabe said...

I'm Jealous!!!

As if I didn't have enough reasons to hate the French!! Argggh!