Monday, May 19, 2008

...and in one second we lost 2 friends...

All day yesterday I had been busy recovering from the night before.
You see, while I was laughing and having fun they were taking their last breaths.

I found out via Facebook because I hadn't been in the mood to answer the phone. It hurt me. When it became a good time to call people back, it hurt more.

I imagined them getting in the car.
They were very close friends so I imagine that they at least smiled talking about something trivial while driving to that destination they would never reach. During those last minutes they probably looked at each other. And just like that it was over.

Then I thought of Stone Temple Pilots. And again I thought of them. One died on impact and the other on the way to the hospital. Again I thought of STP.

"If you should die before me -Ask if you can bring a friend" sang Scott Wyland...

He did. He could.
And if we are sad over this tragic loss- a double loss- they spent the last of their time here on earth in good company and no matter where they are now, they are probably together. And this very fact leads me to believe they are alright...

They will be missed.

In loving memory of Cesar and Joy.


Blenche said...

Hey Annush, I am really sorry to read that..

Gabemaster said...

Sorry for your loss.

Don't beat yourself over what you were doing when they passed away or for being disconnected from the world the next day. That's life.

Some of us live with certain regrets over not doing what in hindsight we think we should have done in similar situations. You don't need that.

The best always.