Thursday, July 03, 2008


As children we learn the colors. I don't know about other people, but as a child I was able to recall the name of every color the fine people of Crayola came up with. In a way, I guess you can say that as a kid my life was colored (mostly within the lines-sometimes outside of it) in shades of blue violet, bright red, burnt orange and the like.

Then, of course, I grew up.

My favorite color is still purple (or pink) but the outline of my life can no longer be filled by the pretty pastels. They are cute and all, but violet red and yellow green don't cut it anymore. Now I require colors that are not even that fun to look just because they are more practical.

My very first credit card was navy blue. I dont' rememeber who issued it or what the limit was, but I remember the card and it was navy blue and it was a problem solver of sorts. It solved problems in the following way: if I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO HAVE something, it helped me get it.

Fast forward about 13 years and the same remains true except that now the navy blue card is no longer blue. Now it's a funny shade of gray- manatee if you will. It helps me buy stuff but it pisses me off to owe money so I don't use it much. This card spends more time sitting in a drawer than it does in my wallet.

Oh but the others!
(and there are many others)

In an attempt to keep my expenses under control, the other day I had a talk with my financial advisor (my brother) about whether or not it was ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY to have a Platinum card. In my mind a card like that was an added expense. In his mind an investment. Knowing that I know very little about money, after listening to his dissertation on the economics of credit cards I relented.

All I have to say is THANK GOD! Even sitting in a drawer next to its lowly friend the blue card, that card works wonders!

The other day I had access to a bunch of AWESOME Madonna tickets just for having the card. The tickets came to me. No card physically required. Right now I could be sitting outside of an airport in 200 degree weather waiting for God knows how long until the fine people of American Airlines decide that it's time for our flight to leave. But I am not! I am sitting somewhere super awesome, with a glass of a yummy cabernet, free internet access, and have access to all kinds of goodies and fun stuff just for having the card.

I love the card.

But now I feel myself getting greedy...even if I don't ever use it or I get it as a fluke, now I want the Black card :)

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