Friday, July 04, 2008

Thursday Nights and Fourth of July Mornings

I couldn't leave yesterday.

After hours and hours of wine drinking and cheese eating, the fine people of American Airlines sent me home with a $500 credit, a boarding pass for a flight this morning and a voucher for a cab home. Figures.

As I arrived in my building, I ran into the neighbors who invited me out to party- thank God I didn't go becaue they are still not back. Anyway, my co-workers also invited me out to a party but the fear of the 800 sobriety points in south beach were enough to totally turn me off. So I was home all night.

What a waste of a good Thursday night!

And now I am downloading music and movies with an iced latte thinking that I should go shower and hoping that today I'll end up where I am supossed to be, that things will work themselves out and that my weekend will be a good weekend...

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