Friday, April 03, 2009

The palm tree.

I have always been pretty rebellious. As a child, I rebelled against my nannies and teachers. As a teenager, I rebelled against my mom. Then when I was young and stupid, I rebelled against the universe. Everything had to be when I wanted it how I wanted and if it was difficult or if I felt like it wasn't going to happen, I would force it into happening- even if it was to my detriment. I've never had the patience to wait.

I suppose that to "rebellious" we can add "spoiled".

My mom used to say to me that I had to learn from the palm trees, which during a storm bend in the direction of the winds to avoid an unfortunate fate. According to her, palm trees understand that they have to work with nature so nature will work with them and so I needed to learn to work with the universe.

I didn't because I knew EVERYTHING.

So I messed up some.

Since these days I know that all I really do know is what Google and Wikipedia tell me when I'm in doubt, I'm trying out a different approach: I'm following the signs. I'm looking for signs of what the universe feels I should do. It seems like when you are doing something right, even if its hard, it feels light on your soul…maybe because you are not spending so much energy forcing things into being

It seems like the universe has a way to make you spontaneously enlightened once you take the time to pay attention and really see what is there for you and what it is that you want. Then, you get the clarity to reconcile both things and see what exactly each one is going to give you the better ROI. Even good karma comes into play here.

But for that, one must be receptive. Like a palm tree.

I want to be a palm tree.

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Gabemaster said...

I know this post isn't exactly about palm trees but, bear with me for a second.

Maybe palm trees are more rebellious than you can imagine. What if since the moment palm trees came to be, nature has been trying to knock them down with wind? Palm trees are determined to stay put so by bending they are not working with nature, they are rebelling.

Growing up in the DR we had in our backyard a palm tree that it must have been at least three stories high. That tree fought not only regular winds, but the winds of every major hurricane that hit Santo Domingo. By bending, that tree won every battle.

So my point is, you don't need to be a palm tree. One of the things that separate us humans from the rest of the animal species, is that in many ways we have been able to adapt our environment to us. Just the same way we are in control of our destiny, you can still in many ways, make the universe the way you want it to be. The question is only on the how to go about it with every situation the universe throws at you. And I know you are smart enough to figure out those how's.

Like you, Palm trees are rebellious. But they only have one way of being themselves, you have many.

So perhaps, just maybe...palm trees want to be like you.