Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Au revoir 2009!

Tomorrow I fly home for the holidays

I don't know if I'll get a chance to write again before 2010 so suffice it to say THANK GOD 2009 IS FINALLY OVER!!!!!

Okay...maybe I'm being overly dramatic and in my year wasn't so bad...but still. The good (no matter how good) was trumped by the bad and it sucks. Lets replay the highlights:

January: Started with a bang. Met awesome guy and almost got swept away to Capetown. (Thank God I didn't have my passport with me!)
February: I had a meeting that was years in the making (and I thought would never come)
March: I woke up at an ungodly hour to a good friend stroking my hair and then had the best conversation EVER.
April: Uneventful.
May: I had the best impromptu vacation I have ever had- 10 days in Positano.
June: I got promoted. YaY! I also met my best friend's babies!!
July: I went to Boston and saw my BFF for the first time in 4 years.
August: A mediocre friendship turned into an awesome hook-up. I found out HWMNBN was having a baby with that girl.
September: I turned 30. I got evicted. (not in that order)
October: I moved. HWMNBN married that girl.
November: I was in love again. It ended shortly thereafter.
December: I decided to take a break from school.

I don't think this year is going to go down in history as my worse year ever but it is nowhere near my best. It had highlights, it had low points. I gained 15 much needed pounds and I learned about myself more than I thought possible. I laughed, I cried but above all things, I loved a lot.

About love I learned that it never stops. No matter how the cookie crumbles, no matter how you try to detach, love always remains. I also learned that love changes and that platonic love can become passionate love or simply a physical thing that can work out great.

I laughed. A lot. I lived practicing what I am always preaching and I tried to live a life filled with laughter. I laughed with friends. I laughed alone. And I laughed at the possibilities...Possibilities that even though they may seem endless, are really not; however, we each set our own limit and I learned to push mine.

I was sad at times. Of course I was. But I have learned to live with the things that make me sad and make them part of the whole. Sure, I was sad over certain things but it was only because there was a time when those things meant something to me. You can't miss what you never had and for me it's been important to learn to pick my battles because you can't control everything.

The fact is that life is full of surprises. That people never cease to amaze me. And I'm so lucky. I am lucky that for every up or down, there were people around me who loved me and no matter what the test was, they always found a way to make me laugh and managed to laugh with me.

I wish for a 2010 full of laughter and love for myself and those who know what I mean when I say that sometimes it pays to dance in the rain-even if when it rains it pours.

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