Thursday, December 17, 2009

Does anyone have a lighter?

My brother always says that unless it's on Facebook, it's not true. There is something somewhat disturbing about this concept, but the fact is that this statement is true. Facebook knows everything and if at times there are truths you don't know because people are smart enough to set their privacy settings to private, sometimes you find these truths because people are not smart enough to follow directions and know that their profile is now public.

Whatever. I will now drink to Francesca Andrea.


I was just watching that episode of How I met Your Mother where we find out that they all smoked. It cracked me up. But it hit so close to home that I found myself twittering about this as I tried to explain to my non-smoking roommate why I laughed at this. After all, I don't laugh at the thought of someone tying a rope around their neck or putting a pistol in their mouth.

Yes, I acknowledge that smoking kills. And it will probably kill me too.

The day I smoked my first cigarette at the tender age of 12 I nearly fell out the window. One would think I would have learned my lesson but no. I picked it up again at 14 while living in England and never looked back.

I was a bad example to my brothers and a bad example to my friends. But like that box of English cigarettes, I always said-as if it made a difference-smoking kills. I still say that. And I don't smoke so much that it actually bothers anyone but still, I smoke and I like it.

Smoking I have made friends. Smoking I have made business deals. Smoking I have gotten to know people I otherwise wouldn't have. And even if later on I have to pay with a lung, so far it's been worth it.

I've been asked if I'll ever quit and for me this is a no-brainer: Of course I will- should I ever get pregnant. Yet, after a day of trying to protect my fertility and having things inserted in my body that I'd rather not discuss, the only thing I can think of doing is have glass of wine and smoke a ciggie...why? because at the end of the day I have nothing to protect. Francesca Andrea exists. The world is not better than it was yesterday, and well, this is one of the few things in life I can control...

So I smoke.

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