Sunday, August 22, 2010

what do you see?

A lot of people hate pictures, hate the way they look in pictures and hate having their pictures taken. Not me. I love pictures. All of them. Even bad ones. Well, the bad ones not so much but they still get a shout out.

I particularly like the pictures other people take of me.

Let me explain:

Some people are photogenic and some people are not. This is a fact of life. But even people who are not photogenic can take REALLY good pictures sometimes. Some people say it's the lighting, some say it's the angle but I am convinced that it has to do with the photographer.

The person who takes a picture of you, is doing it from their point of view. That is, the way they see you. A picture of you is nothing more than a snapshot of someone's perception.

I like to see myself through other people's eyes.

I like to see myself looking at them.

How I respond to them.

I like to see myself the way they see me.

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