Thursday, August 19, 2010

From Ana-Cristina to Annush

Most people don't ever get to know how or why they became who they are.

I am lucky because I am not one of those people.

Once upon a time in a kingdom far away a little girl was born. She was named Ana-Cristina and told that she would grow up to be really special. I must admit, this little girl was cool: She didn't like people, had a thing for short skirts and she was smarter than people were comfortable with.

As Ana-Cristina grew up, she was independent and stubborn. Her mother knew she was a free spirit so she gave her wings and told her the world was her oyster. Her mother feared her freedom. She feared that Ana-Cristina would leave and never come back so she tried to root her into a place. She'd try to give her room to explore but always pulled her back. Ana-Cristina was a wanderer.

Ana-Cristina went to college. She stayed close to home like she was supposed to. Had the grades, the look, the life that had meant she was rooted somewhere. But then something happened and she had a chance to leave. Nobody thought she would, but then she had a plan, and a scholarship, a passport and for once nobody could keep her back.

On the evening of August 17, 2000 Ana-Cristina boarded on a plane to Germany.

She arrived in Stuttgart on August 18, 2010 with nothing but a dictionary and a bunch of luggage. She arrived on a warm summer day, and wrote this email:

--- Gilded Angel <> wrote: >

dear family,

G├╝ten avend!!!! it's me...I'm not only alive and well, but finally in Stuttgart. Let me just tell you
that it took forever to get here. My GOd, I didn't think anywhere could be this far and take so
much hassle to get to, but it is far, and it took a whole lot of hassle but I am here and I am happy.
Not to mention sleepy like you wouldn't even believe. Here it's 11:30 pm and I still haven't slept! It' s
been 2 days!!! However, the place is absolutely beautiful.

I just got here like 4 hours ago, but from what I have seen I can just tell that I am
going to fall in love with the place. The people are very formal, just as I had heard, but they
are also really nice. And not only that, they are really pretty too! You all know me and my
eye obsession...after a while i just had to stop looking at people because everyone looks so
nice. So I was looking at the houses. They are pointy and look the same, but they are so cute!

The hotel I am staying in tonight is perfect (thank you mom!!), and the bellhop is super nice :) I think
he is going to be first friend. First thing tomorrow I'll practice my German and I am going to ask him
his name ;)

Tomorrow I am heading to school. I am pretty anxious to get there. I want to see just what I am going to
be dealing with for the next year. I think I am going to be learning German real soon. The way it
seems, I just might have to.

Other than that, I am all in one piece. Still haven't caused any damage. I hope you all will come visit
me at some point.

Please write to me soon...

I love you all and I will write again as soon as I can.

Auf Wiedersehen (or something like that).


The next day, she arrived in Schwaebisch Gmuend. She checked in, unpacked her her bag, sat on the lawn and soaked it all in. It was on that lawn where she met Olga, the girl who 8 hours later would scream Annush across a crowded bar and give her the only identity she has felt comfortable with since. What was an unfortunate accident, became the name that has best described who Ana-Cristina grew up to be.

That was August 19, 2000. Exactly 10 years ago.
No email has been signed the same since.

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