Wednesday, February 23, 2005

One night in Paris...One day with her Sidekick.

This past few days a lot has been talked about regarding Paris Hilton's little phone hacking situation. Needless to say, I (along with the rest of humanity) saw the contact list, the emails, the messages and the pictures and I must say that I was extremely amused by it. I mean, it's Paris Hilton!

But now, as I was talking to Daniela about it (she is in the UK- apparently celebrity gossip takes a while to travel that far), I couldn't help but think about something she said:
*life is a rollercoaster = Daniela
life is a rollercoaster - and I am stuck in it says:
the coolest was "dad"
life is a rollercoaster - and I am stuck in it says:
Mr. hilton
life is a rollercoaster - and I am stuck in it says:
I just thought that sooo cute

So for the first time ever, I wondered "how do Mr. And Mrs. Hilton feel about their eldest child being the whore heiress?"

How does someone's child, who was presumably raised to be a debutante, who carries the name of someone who built an empire from nothing, explain and justify to their parents (and siblings)that they get a portion of their income from royalties of a movie named "A Night in Paris"? Or worse yet, how do you look at your parents in the face and say what we all have said, even if at time it isn't true, the world famous "it wasn't me"?

I am no socialite, or debutante, or celebrity for that matter, but I know that even if I were, it wouldn't be any easier for me to look at my mom in the face after everything she has done for me and say to her "I didn't know he was taping me!" or "I was drunk and the hot MTV VJ who happens to be a hot girl took advantage of me!"

I understand that some people have a more voracious libido than others; however, it doesn't seem necessary to me to leave prints of everyone you've been with for the world to see, so they can then judge you accordingly. There is a reason why the words "private life" include the word "private". Even if you have no shame, and are not embarrassed by the things you do, you can't say the same for your parents. Now to this you can argue "but it was her cell phone, nobody was supposed to see it." To this I say that I carry a call phone and a digital camera with me EVERYWHERE I go, and I don't leave anything incriminating on either of those things because you simply never know.

Paris Hilton is fuckt up and I'm sure that her upbringing is largely to blame for it, but I can't help myself but feel bad for her family. Because I would think that no matter how little they care, it must upset them to see their firstborn on a pop up ad with her legs wide open when they go online to check their email, or maybe stumble across pictures of a topless Paris making out with a hot girl unknown to our circles while they are looking for celebrity news.

I am not saying that sex is bad or that there is anything wrong with the practice of promiscuity (hey, to each their own!) but I do feel that it's something that should be private. Unless you are Jessica Simpson, who shares her sex life with her parents, there is really no need to go there. Parents are parents, not friends.

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