Sunday, May 22, 2005

Annush die Hausfrau.

So my brother left this morning and I miss him already. Were it not because his presence had kept me from doing all the stuff I have done today, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.

...I do wonder when I'll see him again...

In any case, today I've dedicated myself to the art of domesticity. This isn't something that happens much, but when it does happen I get so into it that I really scare myself. Today for example, I decided to try out different cleaning agents. I figured that I needed a change so I went to the store and bought a whole bunch of stuff.

Let me just say that I am EXTREMELY impressed by the following two items, and I have spent the entire afternoon asking myself why I didn't buy them before:
1. Mr Clean Magic Eraser
2. Clorox Oxi clean

I know that I shouldn't be advertising products like this because neither of the aforementioned companies have given me one cent to do so, but I think that when any product cuts down my cleaning time and has more than satisfactory results it is important that I share them with the rest of humanity.

So there you go. If, like me, you must clean go buy them now!!!!!!


Elijah said...

Hausfrau? sounds german
A friend of mine is obsessive about cleaning,cant leave a dish in the sink, a speck of lint on the rug. Better that way, its always comforting going into a place thats clean, puts you at ease.
When the local gas station toilet is cleaner than yours it might be time to take measures.
However in toronto, the gas staion toilets are almost always immaculate. makes the whole thing that much more

Bracuta said...

Ok, all this house chores.... you're scaring me!

Indeterminacy said...

That Magic Eraser thing looks cool. Is it sulfuric acid?

A few moments of sizzle and the whole pile of dirty dishes is gone.

mrsmogul said...

You should see our place now! It's a shambles! We are redecorating our flat and paint and household crap is expensive!!! We spent $40 on 5 measly things!

PS I am sorry we didn;t meet up. Glad you had a good trip though :)

pia savage said...

Hi Annush
Welcome home!
love the magic eraser--hint don't use it on a fushia ultrasuede couch; however I do all the time
I have the oxy clean but it's too complicated for me

Jamie Dawn said...

Magic Eraser is new to me. I must try it!

K said...

Cleaning is an all day affair for me. I strip down and crank up the music. I could do it all day long. It's so healing. It's a passion of mine.

I need to get out more...

Tank said...

Oooh... I'll have to try those

LocuTus of Borg said...

K thats funny! I do the same heehee. I will have to try those out - have not even seen them before.