Thursday, August 11, 2005

"My anxieties have anxieties!"- Charlie Brown

Two days ago I overslept but didn’t notice until I got out of the shower that morning. As I was getting ready to start my hair drying ritual, I noticed the time and after a few well said f*cks, it occurred to me that for the first time in years I would have to let my hair air-dry and that the curls I work so hard to straighten, would reclaim their rightful place. Eek!

Anyway, I thought to myself that this was fixable. My brother says that all hair care woes are fixable with the help of gel. Gel. I didn’t have any gel and I didn’t have time to go get any, so after a little talk with God, I left my apartment hoping for the best.

Apparently God was still sleeping because by the time I got to work, I looked like Mafalda.

Note to self: Curls on a layered haircut create unnecessary volume.

I was determined to take care of my hair situation immediately so yesterday before work, I got in the shower and did my little ritual so that I could blow dry it straight the way it was intended to be.

The damn blow dryer exploded. It made this weird noise and all of a sudden, smoke started coming out of it. Needless to say, that was a really bad sign. Luckily though, at least I had some time to run to Duane Reade and pick up some gel.

Because my hair was partially dry by the time I got to the gel, I ended up looking like Mafalda on a good hair day, but Mafalda nonetheless.

Yesterday when I got out of work, I had every intention of buying a new hair dryer. Somehow though, I managed to forget to do so and this morning I said the same number of f*cks I have said now for 2 days. Today I had gel though.

The thing that irks me about curly hair is that no matter how nice the curls, it looks sloppy. It basically says that you are too lazy to look neat. I have nothing against curly hair, or people with curly hair but I think that curly hair should be a beachside accessory more than an everyday commodity.

Today I look alright but I don’t feel like myself. I feel like I stand out, which I probably do. This is a very stressful time for me! I don’t know what to do with myself. Though I will certainly be buying a hair dryer during lunch today!


KARAKALA said...

I never had a bad hair day. I wonder how that must feel?

Grant said...

My hair curls if I grow it long, something I haven't tried since my early twenties. I learned if you have a red Japanese car and long hair the police feel the need to pull you over constantly to make sure you're not wanted, but if you cut your hair and switch to a dark domestic pickup you can practically run down hordes of pedestrians without breaking the low.

When I was a teenager I had not only curls but ringlets on my forehead. Women said I looked cute and adorable, the last thing I wanted to hear since I was going for dark and brooding and dangerous.

Mona Buonanotte said...

I admire your fight against the curl! I had to wave the white flag years ago (when the kids came along) and let the air-drying do whatever it wanted to. Even though I think I look like Bed-Head-Betty most of the time, my friends with stick-straight hair tell me that they'd rather deal with curls. Humidity is a beotch, though, my white-girl 'fro is scary!

grody jo-dee said...

isn't it funny how we all want the hair we don't have? i always wanted curly hair! oh well, at least yours can go either way....and now you gel on hand for emergencies.

Jonas said...

That's awesome. Wear your curls proud! You could always shave your head. Although that is not good for New York winters.

It seems like yesterday
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Against the wind
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Bob Seger
Against the Wind

Kiki A.Ortiz said...

y yo loca por tenerlo rizado un q veas como es la vida!!
un betito anita linda

Cindy St. Onge said...

I can relate. My hair won't even curlbadly, it just frizzes. Unless I slather on tons of gel and keep it in a ponytail, I look disheveled.

mw said...

straight hair is no peach either. I'm sure it's not as devastating as you think.

Chelle said...

hahahahahahaha, loved your story and the way you wrote it.

i think curly hair is awesome. i try to curl mine sometimes, but i really haven't learned how to. pero air dried, se ven aperisimos los rizos.

Kandy said...

Este blog e muy cool.

_android[ette] said...

_I shaved my head in order to regain my curls after a LOT of straightening, I think the 'problem' with curly hair is that it looks too fun & informal but I would never go back to straight hair. NEVER.

For curly hair:
- Layers & gel are your #1 enemies
- Leave-in conditioners/moisturizers & long hair are your best friends. Along with the personality to make the curls work & the time to take care of them, wash n' go is a no-no unless you want fried/opaque hair. Curls are not for everyone.

Proud wearer of unruly mid-back curls.

Grant said...

Is it just me, or does Mafalda look like a ripoff of Nancy?

annush said...

It's just you.
Mafalda is way prettier and cooler :P

Libélula said...

I looove Mafalda!!! I posted something about her a while ago.

Whenever I'm having a bad hair day, I just take it up on a pony tail and I'm on my way...

Walter said...

Would a baseball cap be an option?

dan said...

Why do things like that always explode bang in the middle of us doing something?

dan said...

Why do things like that always explode bang in the middle of us doing something?

Anonymous said...

God I can definitely relate with you. My hair is naturally curly and I HATE to leave it out like that because like yours its cut in layers. Everyone else however just loves it (I just think they like the fact that I look like an ass).

The hairdryer thing also happened to me once. Don't forget to buy it!!!

val said...

Hair dryers are the bitch-nit. I once was drying my hair, and it got stuck on the holes where the air comes in.. and I had to unplug it.. or else I was gonna be bald.

And I love Mafalda, she's hilarious!

chili said...

should we make a curly hair club? i think we should... the thing that i hate the most about having curly hair is that whenever people see other people with curly hair, automatically you look like them because they have curly hair too..

justanothernickname said...

can i read you

El chico del apto 512 said...

I have curly hair but not on my head. Actually you can check out my new "black heart" haircut!

ducklet said...

i have only recently started to voluntarily allow my curls to reclaim their rightful place. sloppy? yes. lazy? oh yeah. gives me the appearance of being 4 inches taller? bingo.