Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Worldly obsessions.

I love to shop.
I hate to try on stuff.
But I love to shop.

The other day I spotted a dress on the window of
Searle. Without any hesitation I walked into the store (Third Ave. and 62St)with every intention of buying the dress as long as it fit somewhere near normal.

They didn't have my size. They only carry one size of each and then they divide it among the stores. Great.

I walked to the store that did have my size (Third Ave. and 74St) and tried on the dress.

I was in love.
I was in love with the dress.
I was in love with me wearing the dress.

I was so going to buy it.

Then I looked at the price tag. Hmmmmmmm

Damn you Roberto Cavalli!!!

But I'm still obsesing.
I better stop soon.
If not I'll buy it.

Now you go. Fall in love with
my newest obsession.


Robert_M said...

That IS cute, perhaps a pledge drive is in order?

Walter said...

It is a nice dress, not that I'd wear one even if they had my size. If the pledge drive doesn't work, you could always sell Krispy Kreme donuts to raise money.

annush said...

hahaha...if i get anywhere near any kind of donuts i will NEVER be able to fit in that dress! (not that it matters anymore)

FedUp said...

hola...yo se qui mi blog ya no existe. Tengo otra direccion. Por favor guardala "secreto", no blogroll y sin decir mi "nombre" aun el del blog! Read and u shall see.

WonderCorky said...

next time.. try it on and then take a digital shot of yourself in the dressing room and share with us...so we can tell you if we like it on you... or... off..




Vince said...

H. O. T.

Mona Buonanotte said...

Hmmmm...dress...mortgage payment...I'm weighing each...oh damn.... Very pretty though!

Luzbeíta said...

Está bueno mismo el vestido. Ah, te quería preguntar, te puedo linkear? Me gusta mucho tu blog. Slds.

Weary Hag said...

The dress is awesome. The price is not.
You know, I love when some of your readers comment in Spanish because I get to practice reading it! Actually, I "think" I'm getting pretty good at that. To what end, I do not know, but still ... kinda fun.

Pete B said...

Yeah, I'm guessing that the dress would look very fetching on you :-)

I'm also pretty certain that there are a large number of women out there for whom none of their sizes would fit - my understanding is that standard dress sizes are even less adequate than standard sizes in gents clothing!

Having said that I wonder what it would cost to have one tailored for you from scratch?

Re. Carol's comment - 'fraid I only have some French and a few words of German - learning Spanish is still on my "to do" list...

dan said...

A woman who doesn't like tring things on? Please excuse me for appearing sexist, but this is a new experience for me.

I would go shopping with you any time.

dan said...

And I hate shopping with women.

annush said...

Fedup: ya entendi. no te preocupes.

WonderCorky: I wouldn't put myself through that.

Vince: I knew you'd see it my way!

Mona: That was me the day i spotted the dress "rent or dress...hmmm"

Bea: Claro que me puedes linkear!

Carol: I'll write a post in Spanish for you one of these days.

Pete: It probably wouldn't cost very much to make ($300 tops) but it's not the same!!!!!!
Oh and I'll write a post in French and another one in German for you so you can practice :)

Dan: I will only try something on if I don't have time to return it before I wear it, if I'm buying in a foreign country, or if I'm buying something really expensive or non-returnable.

Grant said...

Couldn't you pay it off in installments, like $1 a week?

Mad Munkey said...

I have to wonder why you didn't look at the price tag at the first shop? Or was there another reason you made the journey to the other store besides the dress? Perhaps just seeing yourself in the dress was enough? After all, how many times can you wear a $1200 dress? And not have people whispering... "Hey, look, she's got that dress on again... you'd think she could wear something else once in awhile..."

annush said...

Mad mukey: I was going to buy it. It never occurred to me that the dress could possibly cost that much!
as for the other stuff, you sound like my friend Dan...hehehe...

Bracuta said...

I hate shopping... I hate trying things on... but every once in a while I must go on a shopping spree, but it's a nightmare. I fast three days before doing it and go on sleepless nights after that. I guess the shopping for clothes woman gene was left out of me when I was conceived...
Anyways, the dress is gorgeous! And I agree with you, it wouldn't be the same if you copied it and had it made by someone.
I think the pledge drive would be a good solution...

LocuTus of Borg said...

Holy crap $1200 for a dress - wow!! Nice dress though :)