Sunday, January 15, 2006

All my life.

Things that make me happy:

1. Frizz-free hair
2. The sound of laughter
3. Oatmeal cookies
4. Good songs when I turn on the radio
5. Puppy licks
6. Inside jokes
7. Smooches
8. Strawberry and banana smoothies
9. Good books
10. My favorite treadmill

Things that piss me off:

1. People taking my stuff without asking
2. Whole milk
3. Stupidity
4. Cheap people
5. Poor table manners
6. Politics
7. Chemistry
8. Traffic jams
9. Rumors- particularly when they are lies
10. Coming home for dinner only to find rice, beans and meat. EWWWW!

For the past couple of days, despite the fact that I've been busy as all freaking hell I've been doing a lot of thinking about the future. If before the concept of the future was exciting, it's not really anymore. I just want it to get here quick so I'll know if I'm ever going to get the things I am working for. The things I want.

Last night I was with a friend who is having a birthday in a few days. Upon realization that she was significantly closer to 40 than previously acknowledged, she had a mini breakdown. At the time I thought she was being a drama queen; but then I thought to myself that although I am still a long way from 40- hell, I am still fairly far away from 30- by the time I start worrying about that I better have something to show for it.

I am a simple person with simple plans. I am probably not going to be the one who'll find a cure for cancer, or who'll be the first woman President. Chances are I won't write the book series that will dethrone Harry Potter. I don't want any of that. All I want is a little worry- free life. I want to be happy and to have a reason to smile everyday. A house with a backyard and a pool would be great, a Starbucks down the street...


Jonas said...

I just want to have adventure and explore my passions.

Cindy St. Onge said...

The simple life. Not a thing wrong with that, dear.

mw said...

Whole milk pisses you off? that's pretty intense