Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Life is happening...

  • I have a Chemistry test today. I feel unprepared.
  • I am suffering from a serious case of writer's block.
  • Someone thought it would be cool to hack into one of my email accounts and send someone love notes. as if I send love notes!!!
  • The heat is killing me.
  • Too many people are talking to me about someone I don't like.
  • I want affection.
  • That guy turned out to be a friend's on again off again bf.
  • After a month, Yvette finally gave me my clothes back.
  • Last night I stole her bracelet :)
  • I need a vacation.
  • My mom is sick.
  • So is Sally (one of my dogs).
  • I thought Shiloh Nouvel would be cuter but it's still too early to tell so I am not worried.
  • I'd like to see those freckles.
  • I am obsessing over the fact that I want to buy a house.
  • I am late for school.



jackt said...

I love chemistry. Not. It's all about the moles.

Diego said...

Me gusta mucho la quĂ­mica (y eso que soy abogado). Espero que te haya ido bien en tu examen.

WonderCorky said...

you mean all those love mails weren't from you?

but... but

I bought my tux and airline tickets and was coming your direction for the wedding...