Tuesday, October 16, 2007


You won... and I didn't even know I was in competition with anyone- let alone someone I didn't even know existed.

I wish I had found out some other way.

3 days later
-2 pounds later
a box of tissues later

it hasn't gotten any easier.

Saturday night I died and you were what killed me... and to think that you seemed nice enough that we could have been friends.

But I love him.
More than he has ever known.
And as you kissed me hello and goodbye, you didn't know that.

And I probably will never stop loving him
But you are the girlfriend
and I'll respect that.

But make him happier than I ever could...
it'll justify the sadness I feel now.


Damy said...

Sorry for your lost.
Hope things get better soon.

Good Luck

Sarah said...

long time ago I learned that what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.
however, SHE didn't make him happier.

the pain won't go away, just yet (it may never go) but you will get better.

Libélula said...

I agree with Sarah, hunny.

The pain may never completely go away, but YOU WILL get better.

I read somewhere that we never really get over someone we loved...we just learn to live without them...and that I am positive you will do.

Best of luck to you, sweets...and I'm here if you should ever need me.

Luv ya!

Dahlia said...

I am so sorry about that...what a painful situation. Hugs.

Bracuta said...

YOU are better, even if he chose not to be with you.
His loss, not yours.
Love from Venice...

Miss N said...

Annush, si algo bello no acaba, algo mas bello no empieza..