Saturday, January 05, 2008

I think therefore I am...

...and as such, I am sure than I think that I am glad that Lauren exists and that she is finally back from her Holiday back home in NJ...

Lauren and I go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back...back to high school...back to NJ...back to the days when life was easy and boys wanted to kiss you while you were returning pages on pay phones- which incidentally I found an email making me aware of such things today but this isn't the time to discuss it.

My current friend Lauren wasn't my friend in High School. In fact, it took 10+ years for us to be friends. But it's okay. Somehow- after an awkward meeting at Publix- we managed to build something special and even though I am certain that it is because we come from the same place and in the great land of Miami people are in fact weird, it is something that I truly value.

Today we went to Novecento after one of many things we did "on principle" and I liked that...the principle. I thought I was the only person who acted on principle. I like the principle.

This is very stream of consciousness, I know. But I am happy. I am happy because this first Friday of the year I had a really good time with someone who shares the key to my past, the values of my present and wants to be part of my future. My friend Lauren rocks and I wish that I would have known that 10+ years before.

People certainly change and I am glad that through all this change (in life, location, etc.) I have someone who understands where I come from, where I want to go and who not only thinks that the people around me are special but is special to the people around me.

Special is good.

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