Wednesday, June 04, 2008


The past month has sucked royally.

I am okay with bad news as long as they come few and far between. But like they say, when it rains it pours. I think that the whole thing started with my car accident. I didn't blog about it but my car was destroyed and I was stuck with the repairs because it was a hit and run. Then, my two friends died. A week later my friend's youngest brother also died. Then my French boyfriend left. And now my mom called to tell me that Katerina, my dog, has cancer.

I'm truly devastated.

So much loss! Why?

is it going to stop now?

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Gabe said...

"No hay mal que por bien no venga"

I know that offers very little comfort, but life decides when these things happen. After having the two worst years of my life occur back to back, I became truly convinced that no matter how bad everything seems at any moment, it could always be worse. And the funny thing is that after so much time of nothing but WTF's , when things finally turn around in your favor, you realize you are a better person. Every bad situation gives you a chance to learn a little more about yourself and when the dust settles things look so bright that you know something good came out of it.

So hang in there, and yes all this will stop. But the when, will never be up to you.

*Feel free to contact me if you want to talk. I'm here. :)