Friday, July 03, 2009

"I can see Alaska from my house"

So Ms. Sarah Palin is quitting the governorship of Alaska which can only lead one to believe that our girl is planning to run for President.

The other day, during a PMS caused dillusion brought about by watching the movie "W", I was convinced that I wanted to run for office. I've always been a political activist, and my resume reads like that's something that would lead someone to believe that Politics is in the cards for me except for the fact that I am an unapologetic human.

Even with the best intentions, which I always have at heart, I have made decisions that have affected nobody but me that would be dissected and analyzed and picked at until they became something completely unrelated that would in turn make me evil. I'm not down for that.

I'm also not prepared to have my mom look at me any differently because I did X thing.

In any case, on this given weekday that I decided this, I told 3 people.

Person #1 said: "You are not consistent"
Granted, to this day I feel like that was a personal judgement more than actual feedback, I took that and made a note to myself and it is what it is.

Person #2 said: "Okay. You need to move to Montana and join the Republican party. "
I freaked out and satated the obvious "dude, I'm so liberal that being a Republican is not even an option" and then he said "yeah, go tell that to Schwarzennegger and Bloomberg". Point taken.

Person #3 said: " YOu would be an amazing leader except that you are anti-American". I was like "WHAT?!?! how can I be anti-American if I am an American?"
He said: "Annush, what do you drive?"
A: "A Volkswagen"
Him: "German. OK. What is your favorite food?"
A: "Mediterranean"
HIm: "OK. What is your favorite drink?"
A: "Bellini"
Him: "Italian. OK. What is your favorite place in the whole wide world?"
A: "Prague"
Him: " Formerly communist. Hmmmm...what nationality was your last boyfriend?"
A: " errrr....German"
Him: "hook-up?"
A: "French/German"
Him: "Have you ever dated an American?"
A: "My HS boyfriend was American :D"
Him: "You are anti-American"
A: "but this is my home, this is what I know, this is the melting pot!!!"
Him: "what's your favorite things about being American"
A: "supermarkets are open 24/7 and shopping is uber efficient"
Him: "You said uber...German"
A: "Who cares, Schwarzennegger is Austrian!"
Him: "It doesn't count. He married a Kennedy. If you marry a Kennedy, then you can be American"
A: "But I can see Cuba from my house!"
Him: "The Republicans will love you!"


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