Sunday, August 15, 2010

How the iPhone stole my friend.

I have never been interested in owning an iPhone.

Though people say I should own one because apparently "all the cool kids" have one and if they were to jump off a bridge, I would have to jump off too; in the same way that I am a PC, I heart my Blackberry.

I have owned several Blackberrys over the years. I remember the very first one I had which was so clunky that it barely passed the back pocket test (If it doesn't fit, I don't want it). Actually, I remember thinking at the time that I wouldn't last very long with that phone specifically because of its size.

I don't believe that Blackberry was ever intended to be a "cool" smartphone. If anything, at least back in the day, all it did was indicate that you had a job. Still, it does have what to this day I consider to be the coolest application EVER: BlackBerry Messenger.

My favorite people all live in different areas of the world. Although technology has made it easier to keep in touch, most of it still makes me painfully aware of how far apart we really are. And it sucks. At least I hate it.

I hate having to enter 567 numbers to call someone.
I hate Skype dates most of the time.
I hate sending email if i need a quick response.
I hate having to tweet for attention.

(and I know there are ways around all these things but still)

Anyway, BlackBerry Messenger makes me feel closer. I don't know if this was the original plan RIM had when developing this application, but it makes me feel lucky to know that most of the people I love who are far away own a BlackBerry and happy that they are only a message away.

I like to know that I can take and send a picture and get an immediate reaction.
I like to send voice notes singing (and also to receive them).
I like to be able to continue a conversation for days.

A few of my friends have sold into the hype of the iPhone 4.

I honestly didn't think it would make a difference in our relationship, but it has.
...and I miss them very much because for the first time they feel really far away.

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Juan Leal said...

A larger screen and a real web experience on the go is as critical to me as BBM is to you. BBM is like a tricked out SMS/ MMS International messaging service its pretty cool but Im not willing to let go of the endless apps and features available on my system for this one feature. I have to agree on a lot of points one that BBM can change the way to people communicate and nature of relationships but unless BB starts to innovate and expand there prouct lines they will soon be marginalized and taken over by Andorid and iphone.