Sunday, August 15, 2010

I wanna scream!!!


I wrote the previous post because I really felt that iPhone had stolen my friend.

But now I am CONVINCED it has.

...and it's like every day I have to erase someone from my BBM list and it's killing me because even though I know that it's not like they are no longer my friends, it feels like I am erasing them from my everyday life.

I am hurt. REALLY.

Hardcore Annush has found herself in a place where her everyday life with friends who live across the globe no longer are right there. This is killing me. I hate the concept of iPhone and touch screens and whatever but if I thought for one second that by switching phones I'd have my friends back the way I had them while I had my BB (ie- BBM accessible) I'd do it in a heartbeat.

But I lost my friends to stupid apps.

To a stupid uncomfortable phone more suitable for reading.

To a trend.

And my heart is broken.

Nobody's heart should be attached to a machine but mine was.

I've said it repeatedly, I am a creature of habit. This is bad no mater how I look at it and I am feeling isolated. And stupid. Stupid because I can't explain to my trendy iPhone loving loving friends why I feel the way I do.

AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! should be universal.


Sarah Elles said...

You should get a Droid, then at least you can PWN all of the iPhone kids.

Muriel said...

If you all install Whatsapp, you shall be able to exchange free text & voice messages for free as well as pictures. It is compatiable with apple & blackberry and soon Android..