Saturday, November 13, 2010

You make me wanna die...

I could be pissed.

I could be all different things.

but I am not. I am simply bothered.

It's been the story of my life that my best friends are beyond hot. Why? I don't know. All through HS my bff was a hottie. All through college, same story. Different body and different personality but a daunting external beauty. And then in my adult life same thing... my best friends have been hottie after hottie...

My current best friend is a platinum blond siren.

Some people say that people stick to their own kind. Some others have the belief that the less hot highlight their hotness so they seek them. I, on the other hand, believe that people play the hands they are dealt. I don't pick my friends because they are hot, I simply like people because of who they are.

That said...

I don't appreciate people thinking that my friend is a ditz because she is blonde and that I am smart because I am the petite brunette. WTF?

I don't speak for anybody. I can't and I won't. But the moment I am asked to speak on a capable human's behalf I have to get upset. Stereotypes hurt. Not just me because I am apparently not the best looking part of the duo, but the other people- even the platinum blonde half of it.

It irks me and bends me out of shape that our collective intelligence is measured in feet, inches and hair color. If perhaps we could offer the world a more interesting perspective together, I am supposed to be the mind of someone who already has a mind and she is meant to represent someone who is clear on who she is-even if I am doing so from a brunette perspective.

I wanna choose for myself.

She wants to choose for herself.

But everything looks better when the sun goes down.


T-102 said...

People who judge the content of one's book by the look of the jacket rarely make it far in this world... this should make you feel better about meeting low capability people who commit this type of error of omission of wisdom.

Anonymous said...

GreenBud is always the Answer,,Crack a cold Heineken..roll 1 up...and smoke